Events currently Thursday through Sunday evenings. 


Use the calendar below to select the date you would like to attend. Open Event dates are highlighted in pink.

SEN­SO­RIO WILL HAVE A LIM­IT­ED CAPAC­I­TY FOR WALK-UPS FROM 6/16/23 THROUGH 11/30/23. Please pur­chase your tick­ets in advance to guar­an­tee admission.

Gift Cer­tifi­cates can be pur­chased HERE.

Only tick­ets pur­chased direct­ly through Sensorio’s web­site or through Tick­et­mas­ter | Uni­verse can be guar­an­teed as valid; false tick­ets will NOT be hon­ored for admis­sion at the site. We can­not offer cus­tomer ser­vice, authen­ti­ca­tion, or sup­port for pass­es that were not pur­chased from Sen­so­rio. All onsite tick­et sales are final.