Sensorio is open Thursday through Sunday evenings!

Meet Our Team

Welcome to Sensorio, where the fusion of art, technology, and nature creates a magical experience for all who visit. Our dedicated team is the heart of Sensorio, bringing passion, creativity, and expertise to every aspect of our enchanting light exhibits. From visionary artists and meticulous engineers to friendly guest services and skilled maintenance crews, each member plays a crucial role in making Sensorio a place of exploration, meditation, adventure, and delight. Get to know the talented individuals who make Sensorio shine and are committed to providing you with unforgettable memories.

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Ken & Bobbi Hunter

Ken and Bobbi Hunter are the visionary founders behind Sensorio. Their passion for blending art, technology, and nature has transformed Sensorio into a magical haven of light and creativity. With a shared love for exploration and innovation, Ken and Bobbi have dedicated themselves to creating unforgettable experiences for visitors, making Sensorio a unique destination that inspires wonder and delight.

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Ryan Hopple

General Manager

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Diego Hopwood

Senior Operations Manager

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Tyler Erickson

Operations Manager

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Brittany Horning

Office Manager

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Assistant Box Office & Retail Manager

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Bar Manager

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Stephan Fagan

Food & Beverage Manager

Billy Tidwell

Guest Services

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