Events currently Thursday through Sunday evenings. 

Hide & Sneak Stones

Hideand Sneak Stone Flyer 1

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found a Sensorio Hide & Sneak’ Stone.

Step 1: Take a pho­to of your stone. 

Step 2: Re-hide the stone at Sen­so­rio. (Please stay with­in all path­way and pub­lic areas)

Step 3: Post/​Share your pho­to on social media and add the hash­tag #Sen­so­rio­S­tone.

Step 4: Email info@​sensoriopaso.​com once you’ve post­ed your photo.

Step 5: Sen­so­rio will con­tact to you to send you your prize!

Sen­so­rio Stones are hid­den through­out the venue in acces­si­ble areas for guests. Please stay on the path­ways and do not touch or enter the exhib­it areas.